Easy ID Reflective Luggage Straps
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Made by Eagle Creek, add an extra dimension of security to your bag with a reflective luggage strap. These not only keep prying hands out of your bag, but double as an easy way to spot your luggage on the luggage carousel. The reflectivity also helps make your presence known to motorists.

These straps have these Special Features:

  • Give your luggage the added level of security with an adjustable luggage strap
  • Bright colors make your bags easy to identify at baggage claim
  • Slip pocket for your ID or business card gives an additional layer of security
  • Reflective accents for nighttime visibility
  • DIMENSIONS:2 x 72 in | 5 x 181 cm
  • WEIGHT:4.1 oz | 0.12 kg
  • MATERIAL:Polypropelene Reflective Webbing
  • WARRANTY:Lifetime

PRICE:  $15.95 

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